Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pitty woman vs pretty woman

Sumtimes I just don't understand why people have a behaviour so called "lebih sudu dari kuah"?? It is so annoying man!.. Could you just sit quietly and do your own job? When we adviced for not busy body with other people stuff but then the replied was "It is a touch of care from human".. Please la.. I dun think so.. You just want to know other people problems and will tell to everybody.. If you really a 'care person' when you listen/know others problem you should feel symphaty and try to give a good advice on how to prevent or fix the problem.. But you did the other way round.. You start to talk loudly, keep mumbling... Hello? mumbling is not enough to help people to find way out..You just put more burden on them.. what la? *sigh*

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