Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hujan Rintik-rintik

Hujan rintik-rintik, air bergelora..
Emak kasi duit, adik pergi sekolah..

Huhu! Today is a rainy day.. So nice to sleep, so good to have ubi kayu goreng with kopi o, to enjoy watching movies, to bermalas-malasan.. The activities that I did just now was watched Ngangkung at Astro First, tea time with a great ubi kayu goreng and kopi O kaw panas which my mom's made for us, continue playing games and now I'm stuck with the Korean movies, My Girl.. *wink*wink* ;)
The hero in this movie is so adorable.. Handsome sangat.. hehe.. That is one reason why I like to watch this movie. Normally, when it comes to Japanese, Taiwanese or Korean movie, I always look first whose the hero and the heroin because I'm a choosy person. As a human being, we always like to look at the beautifulness, right. Therefore, before I watch these kind of movies, I will scan the actor and actress first.. If the they are good looking, then it is acceptable.. But if not, erm,, need to think first.. heheh.. :P

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mi Segera Mamak


Sebenarnya takde la terror in making ala-ala mamak ni.. One day, rasa lapar, then as usual gi dapur cari sumthing to munch.. Buka cabinet, jumpa megi.. Then alter sikit, by campak-campak bahan.. And the outcome, yummy2! ;)
So, this weekend, takde apa-apa aktiviti nak buat.. So, my mum asked to cook megi goreng like I did before.. Presenting, tada~~

Saturday, January 22, 2011

2011 Sudah

Pejam celik, pejam celik, its already 2011.. Actually there a lots of story that I want to share here.. But I'm too lazy to upload those pics and don't know where to start.. Huhu~~ but don't worry, I will try to update slowly, k! Mmuuaaahhh!!
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