Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nasi Ayam at Cendana Cafe


Still remember entry Cendana Cafe? tak ingat? Kalau tak ingat, cuba tgk kat archive.. ;)

Ada suatu hari ni, 3 musketeers iaitu; Kincik, Kak Ita and Me went to Cendana Cafe. Since dah lewat dlm pukul 1.30pm baru kitorg kluar dari ofis, konferm lauk pun dah habis kat tmpt biasa.. So, we decided to go to Cendana Cafe. Disebabkan hari yg panas terik, so malas nak fikir panjang, Kincik and Me ordered Nasi Ayam while Kak Ita nasi goreng kampung pedas. Air for that day; Sirap (Kincik), Milo ais (Me) and Nescafe & ais kosong (Kak Ita).

The nasi ayam sgt sedap. Walaupun nasinya tak peroi, tp ia lembut and ada rasa. Uniknya kat sini, kebiasannya kita selalu diberi sos cili dan kicap kan? Tapi kat sini dia bagi sos cili buatan sendiri dan satu kuah ni yang saya rasa mcm combination halia dan bawang putih yang dikisar. Sedap juga kuah ni, lagi2 bila dicicah dgn ayam dia yang garing! Erm, cuma supnya je la, mcm terlebih letak buah pelaga je.. Sbbnya rasa mcm herba dari rempah tu sgt ketara. Tp, yg tu boleh dimaafkan, n I really enjoyed my lunch there. Owh ya, the price for the nasi ayam is RM4.50. Ok la kan? Harga standard rasanya.. Ni kat bawah ni, ada gmbr nasi ayam yang yummylicous~~

Friday, March 25, 2011

Training Basic Account at JW Marriott


First time dpt tau yg ada training basic account anjuran company, seriously rasa excited sangat nak join. Ditambah pula dengan venuenya yg bertempat di Hotel JW Marriott,KL. Org kata makanannya sedap..heheh.. ;P Kalau training ni, extra pointsnya bila tang makan la.. ;)

So, on weekend before attend the course, I decide nak gi tgk jalan nak ke sana. Bukan apa, hati ni bimbang sesat je. Walaupun orang akan kata, "Ala, KL je pun.. kalau sesat barat tu, tgk je la signboard.. Bukannya kalau dah salah masuk lorong tu terus sampai Hong Kong. Stil Malaysia lagi la.. Jgn risau!" Biarlah orang nak kata apa pun; asalkan tak sesat, tak bazir duit minyak. Bila dah tgk jalan ke sana, baru tau rupa2nya takla jauh daripada bangunan Menara HLA tu.. Insya-Allah dah hafal jalan.. ;)

Training ni dijalankan pada 23-24 Mac 2011 anjuran IPA. Lebih kurang seramai 20 org juga la participant yg attend. 6 of us; Kak Dila, Farah, Aizat, Zura, Asida and Me yg attended this course mmg takde basic account, if those yg dah ada, just nak refresh.. Our trainer was Mdm Susan Chow.

Sepanjang training dijalankan, makanan yg disediakan mmg super superb sedap.. siap dgn hiasan bagai.. and lunch time, kami mkn kat restaurant yg ada kat Starhill bawah tu. Here some pictures, enjoice!

p/s: My parking ticket for day 1 hilang.. Hmmm, dah tak leh nak masukkan kat dlm my claim mileage..burnt RM7.. ;(

p/ss: Credit to Farah, Shida & Kak Dila for the pics, ;)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kiehl's Boys


Korang pernah dengar tak Kiehl's Boys before? Actually I just knew about them bila terbaca satu flyers ni.

Who are they? Oops, cannot answer this question since the leaflet already gone (dh misplaced kat mana entah.. :P)

Basically Kiehl's Boys ni terdiri daripada a group of 5-7 person. Kemunculan diorang ni, hanya di selected Kiehl's outlet especially during weekends. Kalau korang ada terjumpa dengan diorang ni, diorang akan berdiri kat dpn outlet Kiehl's dan bagi korang minum jus oren yang dituang ke dalam tabung uji. Kemudian, diorang akan bagi borang untuk korang jawab. Basically dia nak tau kita punya jenis kulit; dry or oily or combination skin type.. ada pores tak, ada applied sunblock tak when kluar..that kind of question la. Lepas je habis isi borang tu, then dia akan pas kita kat beautician dia.. Luckily, my sis and me dpt beautician yg tak lokek.. Dia examine kulit kita secara mata kasar je la, then bg free sample of Kiehl's product. I got 4 free samples iaitu;

1) Ultra Facial Cleanser - for all type skin

2) Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner - for a normal to oily skin type (yups, I have combination skin type, dry and oily at T-zone)

3) Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment 9 (I do have acne and scars on my face kesan drp jerawat yang dipicit)

4) Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque - to be applied once a week.

Ada jugak yg just dpt 1 sample je.. Sbb tu la I mentioned our beautician tak lokek..hehe.. ;P Rasa mcm best juga la, yela dpt free! Kiranya on that day, customer yg penuhkan sales floor Kiehl's tu adalah customer yg telah minum air jus oren dari tabung uji, isi borang yg disediakan and dptkan sample percuma je.. ;)

p/s: Org Malaysia kan suka benda free, tak gitu? ;P

p/ss: Boleh la try Google siapa Kiehl's Boys ni kalau nak tau lebih lanjut siapa org2nya.. ;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Walkathon - Walk for Children

Hi readers,

This time, I will update about my first experience in joining a charity event.

The event that I want to share with you here is Walk for Children. It was held on 13th March 2011 (Sunday) which took place at Merdeka Square. It was organized by International Club of The International School of Kuala Lumpur. YABhg Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor was the patron while the ambassador was Lisa Surihani.

It was more than 100 volunteers joining this event. The purpose this event is for help the Shelter Home Malaysia and Rumah Kasih Sayang.

The fee is RM15 and if we want to contribute lebih as donation pun amat dialu-alukan.

The registration actually on 6.30am and start walking on 8.15am. Actually there are 4 categories, if I’m not mistaken (I pun dah lupa since event ni dah lama because I'm not update immediately since ada hal yang tak dapat dielakkan on the following weeks). For category A; 1.8km, B;3km (under 18years old), C; 3km and D;5km.

On that day, I took the public transport from Kelana Jaya to Masjid Jamek. Right after I reach there, Lin already there and we both rushed to Merdeka Square since we are already late. *Sorry Lin*. After register ourselves and put on the t-shirt and the number given, so we rushed to the tempat pelepasan.

Even though they already start walking, we manage to catch them up. But, sampai je kat satu junction ni, the penjaga station asked us to take the left lane only by looking at the number displayed. We told the penjaga station, "We registered under 5km" but they mentioned the number showed was for 3km. *Aigoo.. If we know the meaning for the color number at the first place, for sure we already ask to change them* So, we just continue the challenge and about 20minutes later, we already arrive at Merdeka Square which the weather at the moment still redup and we are not berpeluh2 pun. What a lovely morning la that day. But before that, both of us sempat juga la snap a few pictures.






Thanks to Lin who is proposed this kind of activity to us. Actually, she has invited me earlier. But looking at the time for registration, plus the venue is quite far from my home, I surrender! Fyi, I only know the direction from my house to HLA, in case I have to attend the training over there. I learnt the route is just for the sake that I need to go there on my own. Weewee~~ Other than that, I’m totally blur and clueless. KL lo, I’m no Key El gurl, yaw! :P ok, back to the story.. So i decline to join. Unfortunately, my other colleagues give a good response and told me that they want to join this event. 9 of us; Lin, Kincik, Kak Pya, Fiza, Ezyan, Zuraidah, Usop, Kak Ita and me. Yan and Zu accompanied with their sister so the number of participant from our group was 11 persons.



Even though Lin and me just walked 3km, but we are very satisfied. At least, we tried and know our stamina. Mana la tau, kot lepas ni kena berjalan 4-6km sbb dpt parking jauh, insya Allah blh. Sebab dah rasa dan dah ada pengalaman.


. P/s: Dah tambah satu lagi route; from my house to JW Marriott, KL.. teheheh,, :P

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wahai la Hati

Saat hati menyanyi riang..
Hari ini..
Di kala ini..
Saat ini..
Nyanyian riang tadi bertukar suram..
Sabar yer hati...
Pasti ada sinar menanti..

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bachelor Party

Hello readers,
Counting the days for W-day which is just around the corner. One of my friends will change her status from Miss to Ma’am. Aauwww... heheh.. :P
Who am I talking about? She is Nawal Hj Mohd Abd Rashid. (Did I spell her name correctly? Yes, this time, it’s correct!) My friendship with her has been 2 years now. Quiet not quiet, huh! We met first time on our first day for report duty which is on 15 December 2008.
Siapa sangka, masing2 duk menyombong masa tunggu nak sign kontrak rupa2nya she will be my officemate in the same department. We both antara batch yang terawal join, so from that moment, we always lunch together, gossiping and etc.
She is a nice person, suka buat lawak yg ntahpape pun ada. She has engaged with her good looking fiancée on October 2010. They will tie the knot on this coming weekend at Kelantan.
Before she will end her bachelorhood, we've planned to have a Bachelor Party for her. But this is not the real bachelor party yang involve party buih bagai. It just we are having lunch together since 5 of us, mmg dah lama tak lunch sesama. So, we decided to have a lunch at Nando's Subang Parade on last Friday since we have 2hours lunch break time.
We ordered the package meal for 6 pax and add on dessert; 2 mud pie with ice cream - choc n strawberry flavor.
Here some snap photos of us, and surprisingly in this entry there is no picture of me.. heheh.. (you guys pun mesti jemu kan..yela, balik2 tgk muka I je..hehhe.. :P)

To Wawal,
Congratulations. Hope you will be a very good wife to your loving husband and didoakan both of you berkekalan hingga ke syurga.
P/s: Sorry couldn’t attend your big day. ~Shingu sshi, bianne~

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Good day fellas!
Since there is no activity that I will do on this weekend, so I will share with you what's inside my make-up bag. Hehe...habis dah takde modal nak crite.. :P
I confirmed every ladies handbag will have make up pouch or bag, selain daripada sanitizer, tissue, handphone, purse and so on. Tak kisah la whether the size of the handbag kecik atau besar. Mesti akan ada terselit make-up for beauty. But today, I will share with you apa yang ada dlm mine make-up bag.. ;)
1) Sabun pencuci muka (tradisional punya) – bought from Siti
2) Moisturizer Garnier (travel kit size) – dapat free, so guna je la..
3) Liquid Foundation, Sand Beige from Elianto (recommended by Lin) – Lin, I suke this one!
4) Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder (travel kit size and dpt free jugak)
5) Eyeliner Clinique – my sister bought it for me.. habis yang ni, beli yg murah2 je lepas ni.. :P
6) Mascara from Maybelline (yg cat eyes punya kot kalau tak silap..dah hilang dah tulisannya sbb jarang pakai)
7) Two Way Foundation by Miyami – bought from Cosway. Ni pun beli time ada promotion.
8) Blusher Color Sense by Cosway – ni pun beli sbb share ngan Kikin. So jadi RM7 kot..
9) Eye Shadow from In 2 It, Trifle colour code ED33 - influenced by Kak Siti CRM now Quality Dept.
10) Lipstick – Sweetie Red from Elianto & Fire of Passion from L'Oreal
11) Lip Balm – Satsuma Shimmer from Body Shop
Antara byk2 item ni, yg I like the most and selalu guna are sabun pencuci muka sbbnya buih dia boleh tanggalkan apa yang kita letak kat muka.. so, no need make up remover.. dah jimat kat situ.. and then, foundation pun ok jugak, sbbnya muka tak berminyak and rasa halus je..maybe sesuai with my skin type kot.. eyeliner pun best, sbb mudah nak calit kat mata sbb tekstur dia lembut..lisptick from Loreal tu pun I suka.. colour dia lembut and natural.. and last but not least the lip balm! Yg lip balm ni tak sure kenapa blh suka kat dia.. maybe sbb bau dia sedap and macam best je nak guna.. oh tak.. reasonnya adalah dia lambat habis..lebih kurang 7 bulan kot.. sbbnya rasanya baru beli dlm 4-5 kali mcm tu kot.. I use this product since my Uni years same as the Loreal lipstick tu.. erm, yerps..betul..fakta berkenaan lipstick and lip balm tu mmg telah disahkan oleh my memory lampau..yerp, correct!
Ok, sekian. Serious, taktau nak crite apa lagi ni.. Next time I update lagi yer! The next entry will be Bachelor Party for one of my friend.. Siapa?? Tunggu....~~ ;)
P/s: But please pray for me to my rajinness to edit the photos and draft the entry, k.. ;)
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