Monday, May 23, 2011


Dear readers,

I've been busy for these two days. Busy of shopping at clearance sales at SM Subang Perdana. Woohoo~ seriously all are half price.. Not at, but selected items..hehe..saja nak buat gempak je. :P But telling you the truth, mmg worth and boleh buat stock sampai hujung tahun! ;)
Can't wait for the warehouse clearance sales. Akan ada kah? We'll see.. ;)

Oh actually, my concern open this entry is to say sorry for stilll not updating my vacation. Yela, busy shopping punya psl!heheh.. :P Bianne~

I'll try to update ASAP, this is my promise.. ;)

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Dear readers,

Please be informed that I'm still ongoing process to update and edit the photos taken during my vacation. Even though it might be takes time, but I promise to share with you my fabulous moment there in this cute blog. Be patience ya~ Owh ya, one thing it may be back-dated for some reason.

Thank you.


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Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day


Just want to wish,


To all teachers and for those whose profession in teaching field

Mari Belajar Angka


Still remember I've learnt Korean in flight? Here, I want to share something with you guys!
0 - zero - yong
1 - one - ill
2 - two - ee
3 - three - sam
4 - four - sa
5 - five - o
6 - six - yuk
7 - seven - chil
8 - eight - pal
9 - nine - ku
10 - ten - ship

p/s: boleh je cari kat youtube on how to pronounce which complete with the romanization

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Vacation: Malaysia to United Kingdom (Part 2)

As Salam readers,

We meet again, hao yeah~~~ ;) This time, I will share with you about my 2nd day experience as I have promised before, aite! ;)

Day 2:
What a lovely day! We all have had a good rest stayed in a hotel that restful. Before I go further, let me tell you a bit about the condition of the hotel that we stayed. Actually the accommodation that they serve is same like 3 stars hotel in Malaysia. What make it different just; they install the heater in each room. Others are most likely same like we got here; TV, coffee corner (kettle, tea, Nescafe, sugar & creamer), shower heater, towel, soap, hanger and 1 extra pillow. If you wish to have additional pillow, you may ask the staff for assistance. Why we chose this hotel? It’s a low rate hotel which in our budget. How we booked them? We surf in the net, and we chose the lowest rate that they offered in that week. For your information, the price for each room is different from time to time. So we need to book early. I think enough to tell you about the hotel. Shall we continue? ;)

The temperature was about 15 degree Celsius. Even though the weather was cold there, but we are not switch on the heater all night long because it will made our skin dry and invites the itchiness to the skin. To prevent it, normally after we took shower, before we went out and before we go to bed, we will apply body lotion, Miracle Water SK2 and also lip balm. It’s really help! Since we are not bring the lotion from home, so we bought them at Sainsbury’s Store. The prices for two bottles of Nivea lotion are at GBP3. Consider cheap la kan.. ;) Sainsbury’s ni macam Giant, Tesco and Carrefour kat tempat kita. Paling banyak kat sana yang hypermarket ni selain daripada Sainsbury’s (tulisan kaler oren) adalah Morrison (tulisan kaler hitam+kuning) and ASDA (tulisan kaler hijau). So far, mmg suka shopping kat Sainsbury’s sebab harga yang dia tawarkan tu murah and suka buat combo pack. While ASDA pula ada jual daging and ayam halal. Nak cari daging and ayam halal ni mudah je penandanya, gi kat freezer dia and cari ayam or daging yang diisi kat dalam bekas polisterin yang berwarna hijau. For Morrisons pula, tak pernah masuk langsung pun kat situ. So, taktau la harga dia mcm mana. Isk, mcm dah jauh je melalut ni..heheh.. :P

That morning, my mom as usual prepared the breakfast; we ate Nasi Impit with serunding. *dah macam suasana raya di perantauan je gayanya..heheh.. :P* and hot Nescafe. Nice! It was a very good combination, I think. After we have a simple breakfast then we get ready to continue our journey. All the tentative are planned by my mom and sis. They also appointed me to be a treasurer a.k.a banker. So whenever they want to buy groceries, pay the parking tickets etc they need to make sure that I with them. My role here is same like a cost controller.

We direct went to the Old Trafford Stadium to join the stadium tour. As we arrived, there are so many people which I believed the fanatic fan of Manchester United. The tickets cost us GBP66 and got free lanyards. Since our stadium tour ticket was on 12pm, so we decided to have a quick lunch since we have another 45 minutes to wait. We ate kebab at Peter Pan Restaurant, Chester Road, Trafford. Dah kat sana kebab je makanan yang halal kami jumpa, so belasah je la. Pekerjanya pula dari Pakistan. la permulaan kami makan kebab. Sebab pada hari2 yang mendatang, kami asyik belasah kebaaaaaaaaaaaaaab je. If tak kebab, fish & chips. Hehe.. We ordered 2 set kebab which come together with salad and also a pizza. Actually I forgot already what the name for the pizza and the kebab we ordered. Seingatnya, pizza tu plain je, rasanya nama dia Tomato Pizza kot. Gitu gini, so we rushed back to the Old Trafford Stadium Tour. We entered the museum first and then the stadium tour begins. I think it is better pictures speaks louder than words la. Sbb byk sangat kalau nak elaborate suasana kat dlm museum tu, rupa dlm stadium tu mcm tak? But kat area museum tu, dia ada la cerita sejarah lambang MU tu, siapa pemilik dia, siapa dia punya Pengurus Pasukan, piala-piala yang berjaya MU rangkul and info tentang players dia, siapa yang memang dah join MU sejak dari kecik dan lain-lain. So antaranya yg kekal sampai skrg adalah Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes. Maybe ada lg yang tak mention kat sini. Kalau stadium tour tu pula, tour guide kami tu dia bagi penerangan kos binaan stadium tu, kedudukan kamera yang ada kat stadium tu, air sprinkler utk siram rumput padang tu dia ambik dari mana, mana area hot spot utk peminat MU duduk kat dlm stadium tu, wife2 player biasa duduk kat box mana kat dlm stadium tu dan macam2 lagi info.. sampai dah tak teringat faktanya. Tapi mmg best la! Serious tak tipu! Yela, of course la teruja.. sebelum ni dapat tgk kat tv je, tp kali ni, sendiri dpt duduk kat kerusi2 tu, dpt bergambar kat Changing Room lagi, lepak kat lounge player and mcm2 lagi la.. ;) Oh ya, during our visit which coincidently fall on Easter Holiday, so all items are sold for GBP1 except teddy bear, t-shirt and mug. We also manage to capture a family studio photo for GBP5. Sebelum kami keluar dari stadium, dorg ada bagi sijil. Ala, dia mcm sijil kedatangan la yang menandakan kita dah pernah sampai and visit stadium tu yang ditandatangani oleh Sir Alex Ferguson. ;)

After we finished round and have a look items sell at the merchandise store, then we went back to hotel. I just bought a pen and key chain as souvenir. We also drop by at Manchester City Stadium which is not far from Old Trafford itself. Kat Manchester City, just snap2 gambar je. And rasanya tak bukak kot utk kunjungan org awam sebab sunyi sepi je keadaan sekeliling takde org. Tapi tak terkilan, sbb non of us yg meminati Man City. *sume stadium kami gi lawat, yela nak bagi berbaloi..sebb taktau lagi bila blh jejak kat negara org kan..heheh. :P* Dah puas bergambar kat stadium orang and rayau area2 situ, so kami pun balik ke hotel. Dalam perjalanan ke hotel pun, ada jugak la ronda2 kat pekan Manchester City tu. Disebabkan rakyat jelata di situ masing2 cuti, jadi takde la berlaku kesesakan lalulintas. Oh, lupa nak crite, kedudukan stadium Old Trafford tu mcm kat area gudang tau. Dia kat pinggir2 pekan sikit. Tu je la kot info tambahan.

Dinner mlm tu adalah nasi impit and instant noodles! Untuk maklumat tambahan, nasi impit tu, my mom rebus kat Malaysia. So lagi best kalau ayat kat atas ni diubah kepada, ‘Dinner mlm tu nasi impit yang diterbangkan khas dari Malaysia and instant noodles!’ *haha…poyo je ayat..hakhakhak.. :P*

Ok, enjoy the pictures! ;)

Friday, May 6, 2011

My Vacation: Malaysia to United Kingdom (Part 1)

As Salam readers,

Alhamdulillah, I'm back safely in a piece with family. Fetch by the taxi driver and so on. But in this entry, I won't just tell ya how we manage to back home and bla bla bla. But I will share the experienced that I got during my vacation to a few nice places in UK from day 1 until the last day we were there. Oopss, we as I mentioned here was my beloved parents, my lovely sister and me. Shall we start now?

Day 1:
We departed from KLIA was on 21th May 2011, and our flight ticket was on 11.50pm by KLM. We have packed our stuff a week before we depart. But me, I just got only 2 days to pack my bag. Since I'm quite busy in office, that's why I only have chances to pack my stuff a day before I fly. Things that I brought for a fortnight vacation was:

1) 6 pcs of t-shirt
2) 3 pcs of trousers/jeans
3) 5 tudung+ anak tudung
4) Sweater
5) Socks
6) Handphone & camera charger
7) Toiletries including makeup, perfume, contact lense and bla bla bla..

We departed sharp on 11.50pm and the flight took about 12 hours. Luckily we got a new plane since there are screen tv in front of each seats complete with the latest brand new movies. Sleep in the plane was not easy. Just dapat tidur2 ayam je. So, I watched the movie and learnt Korean language to kill the time. We arrived at Schipol Airport, Amsterdam about 6.20am. And from here we need to transit for 2 hours to get to Norwich. The plane to Norwich just a small size, only capable for 70 passengers. Again, at 9.20am we continue our journey by plane that took about 45minutes. Oh ya, to reach the plane to Norwich, the airport management do serve a shutter bus. It’s actually like we have to go to the other side of the terminal. Naik bus tu tak lama, just dlm 5 minit mcm tu. Ok, walaupun dari Amsterdam ke Norwich ambil masa 45 minit, but still we touched down at Norwich at 9.00am. Weird kan? hehe.. sbb ia ibarat mengejar masa. At this point, my mind setting pun dah bengong and a bit confused. After I got a short explanation from my mom, then I understood.

After we arrived at Norwich Airport, the immigration officer there asked us a few questions. So we just said that we are having a vacation for a few days and just want to visit my brother who works there. Then, we collected our luggage, and then we waited for my brother to fetch us. About 10 minutes later, my brother came with a car that he rent from Enterprise-rent-a-car, a blue Vauxhall Astra Estate Diesel which is a wagon car. From Norwich Airport to my brother's home was about 15km. After we have a short rest, my bro, sis and I went to Tesco Express (10minutes walking distance) to buy some groceries before us heading to Manchester. Unfortunately, before we want to start our journey, our car has a minor problem then we request to change it to another car. Then the Enterprise's Management agreed to change it to a grey Vauxhall Astra. It has 5 seats, using diesel and for your information in term of renting a car, the term and condition is very strict. They will ask you on number of passengers and luggage do you have. That's why they recommended rent the wagon type instead of sedan car. After we settled all things, then we went to Manchester. For your information, in UK we will use Ring Road Highway. So, we have to be familiar with the signage that appeared on the map. For this situation, GPS is really needed, I guess! ;) Because we need to determine whether we have to use the clockwise or anti-clockwise road so that we manage to exit either at junction North, East, West or South. We are not straight heading to Manchester actually, but my brother brings us to his office, Lotus Group for snapped a few pictures. Since on that day there were Easter holidays, so the guard not very fussy to allow us to snap the photos around there.

Oh ya, kedudukan Norwich ni boleh dikatakan dekat dgn laut juga, kalau tgk kat map England tu. So, suhu kat sana boleh dikatakan sejuk2 sedap berjalan la juga which mmg kebetulan kat sana pun musim bunga masa kami ke sana. Right, sambung balik. From Norwich, to Manchester we went through King’s Lynn, Lake District, Stamford, Leicester, Sheffield and checked in at hotel in Manchester. Sepanjang perjalanan, dapat dilihat tanaman Canola ditanam terbentang luas. Ia mcm kita tgk sawah kat negara kita la.. Cantik je menguning. Perjalanan ambil masa quite panjang juga. Kami lalu di tepi2 Lake District pun dah pukul 8pm. Scary juga kat area situ since takde lampu, harapkan kereta kat dpn sebagai pemandu arah and lampu kereta kita je nak suluh jalan. Sebab kita lalui di antara bukit2. Bila sampai kat lembah tu, sejuk sgt! Since dah gelap, so tangkap gambar pun tak berapa nak clear.

We stayed at Travelodge Hotel, Westbound Manchester for 3 days. Luckily, during we were there, the whether was okay because Manchester is popular with the rainy day. That’s why C. Ronaldo not be able being longer with MU team because he cannot tanned and show off his body on the beach, I guess! Hehe.. ;P

Owh ya, I did not mention that we also brought Brahim products right? Ok, since we are no ideas on where and what to eat yet, so we brought stock Brahim instant gravy, instant noodles, serunding, chili tuna spread, Tupperware and other things that may use for preparing dishes. As a dinner on that day, my mom prepared kuah rendang Brahim to be eaten with the rice and serunding. Even though it just a simply simple dishes, but we do enjoy it! Asalkan dapat nasi.. perut melayu la katakan..hehe.. :P After we have done our dinner, then my bro, sis and me went to our room to have rest and sleep to ensure we have a great energy to continue our journey on the next morning!

Alright, I stop for now. Which places I visited on the next day? I will continue on next entry. Wait ya~

Owh, please enjoy the snapped piccas! ;)

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