Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dah nak raya

Today already 2nd September. Tomorrow will be my dad's birthday.. And we already in midst of fasting month.. to be specific we are now 10 days counting to celebrate Hari Raya.. All radio stations started to play Hari Raya Song.. Everybody in my office are in mood raya.. They decorate wall with ketupat made from ribbon, hang the raya cards and ang pow.. They also bought the pelita and arranged them on the floor. I think when Deepavali come, they also will do a kollam.. heheh...because the decorations that they bought just like we want to celabrate Christmas pun iye..cuma Christmas tree je yg takde..semangat 1 Malaysia katakan.. :P
Ooppss.. lupa nak wish,
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