Monday, August 16, 2010

The New Ambi Pur

Since my eyes tertancap at my Ambi Pur Lemon Gel Fresh baru which I put it on my PC, so I will give my review towards the product..

For your information, I usually and really easy get influenced by watching the ads showed on tv since my school days lagi.. I dunno how to kikis these tabiat.. because if I continous my behaviour like this, then I will confirm that my pocket also will lubang someday..

Back to the topic.. I bought the Ambi Pur Lemon Gel Fresh once I watched the very kinda attractive ads which showed a couple having rest in the living room. Whilst the hubby concentrate watching tv then the wifey open up the air freshner Ambi Pur Lemon Gel Fresh. When the aroma from the air freshner started covered the whole living room till then they started dancing.. Ooohoo.. so sweet..
Then, the next day I'm rushed to the mall to get it and yes, its really have a nice smell.. so relaxing..
Ok~ till the fingers meet the keyboard..chow~

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