Monday, July 11, 2011

Late Nite Chatzz

Dear ...,

I am totally miserable. Seriously I am in really sad mode. I am not in good mood though. I feel like the world moving slowly. The time is ticking bit by bit. Ottuke~~ *sigh*

But recently, I did pillow talk with my beloved mom or it is more into late night chat actually. Almost every night I did that. It was so comfort me. Feels like I just a little kid. Coz right now, I just want people around me pamper me, love me, care about me. When I was sad, feels down, self de-motivate, but she always with me to cheer me up.
Thank you coz you are always be there..

“Ibu, Milia sayang ibu”
“Mom, I love you”
“Omma, saranghae”

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